Friday, 1 May 2015

Things You Need Hollis New Hampshire Hardwood Floor Refinishing

If you have had your hardwood floors for many years, it may be time to invest in Hollis New Hampshire hardwood floor refinishing. This is a service that will bring your old floors back to life without having to invest in a new floor entirely. Keeping that in mind, read on to discover the key signs that now is the time to find a quality refinishing company…

Clean your floor

The first thing you should do is clean your floor. You will be able to pick up on imperfections easier once the floor has been cleaned. If you have cleaned your floor and it still looks dated and worn, then a refinishing service may be the only option. After all, you can keep cleaning and cleaning, but you’ll never get your floor looking as good as new if the imperfections are permanent. 

Look for dents

You should take a close look at your flooring for any gouges, dents and scratches, as well as any splintered wood. The latter is a sign that you probably need to invest in a sanding and refinishing service. Hollis New Hampshire Hardwood Floor Refinishing can smooth out the surface of your flooring to ensure all dents, scratches and such like are eliminated. 

Assess the finish

Aside from the points that have already been mentioned, another clear indication that now is the time for refinishing is a dull finish. Does your flooring look dull? Has it lost its sparkle? A good thing to do is run your fingernail across one of the hardwood floor planks. Once you have done this, if you notice that the wax has come up, then this a good sign that you may need to get someone in to strip the floor and re-wax it.

Check the floor level

If your floor appears wonky, you need to invest in a refinishing service so it can be sanded and smoothed out. The best thing to do is actually lie down on the floor and you should from one side of the room to the other. This is the best way to get a true reflection of the floor’s level. Your installer may advise the use of a sealer as well, so warping is preventing by moisture being locked out.

All things considered, if you notice one of the four points that have been mentioned, you should definitely consider investing in the services of a company offering hardwood floor refinishing. This is a cost effective way of bringing your old hardwood floor back to life – it will look like you have invested in a brand new floor.

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